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Truths About Golf Clubs

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You may need a new set of irons,
every ten years?
You may need a new driver, every five years?
When it's time, make it Mizuno!

My MP 67's have seen their tenth birthday and I have no desire to change. 
First some thoughts about drivers.

Too me, the last big achievement in driver technology was maximizing the coefficient of restitution.
 Fancy term for the trampoline effect the club face imparts on the golf ball. The U.S.G.A. set a limit they thought would never be seen.

Interestingly, Mizuno's was the first manufacturer to achieve it.

The driver sold for $1200 back then. The USGA did not believe a company could get so close to the maximum line they drew with out crossing it. Giving it to much trampoline.

Mizuno had to ship every driver they sold to the USGA first. The USGA would fire golf balls at high speed at the driver and measure the trampoline. They would then ship the driver back to Mizuno who would have to refinish it before selling. Six moths later everyone had this technology.

If you are an equipment junkie these are my thoughts from a life of selling it..
If you don't read on please remember - when it's time, make it Mizuno!

The material that made this possible was titanium.Golf equipment is so over hyped that I have to tell this story.

The big change in driver technology before trampoline effect was graphite shafts. Lighter weight, greater swing speed, greater distance. But back then it was brittle. Shafts often snapped near the hosel. Boron and titanium are very strong so they started putting a little in the bottom inch of the shaft for strength.

Marketing departments liked the name boron and titanium. They added big up charges with the promise of distance for that little inch of reinforcement.

It would take years until titanium would actually be used to add distance. Titanium was used in the face of a driver and being so strong, the face was able to be made thin enough to maximize trampoline effect. 

You can go back to a time when your choice was between laminated or persimmon wood. I kind of like that Major League Baseball stills uses wood bats. 

My long winded point is, I have seen three big changes over several decades of selling equipment. Maybe there is not a rush to buy the latest hype you see. And the hype is everywhere in equipment.